Why Choose Xiippy?

We are unique in a number of ways...
Xiippy Competitors
Low Merchant Fees
Data, Insights and Dashboards
Next-gen zero-knowledge dashboard for marketing and rewards
360-degree views and business intelligence
No-data-entry customer relationship management for every paying customer
Separate franchisee and franchisor dashboards
Sales Data, IP Protection and Privacy By Design
End-to-end encryption and IP protection
Itemized sales data protection
Smart Receipts For All Cards from All Issuers
End-to-end encryption and privacy preservation
No-app no-action seamless real-time transfer of smart receipts directly to customers
Smart receipts for ALL cards from ALL banks and card issuers
On-the-spot no-app smart receipts for cash payments or non card holders
Loyalty and Rewards
Zero knowledge and privacy preservation
Empower existing loyalty systems seamlessly with elimination of loyalty cards, sign-up hassles and including 99.9% of customers as loyalty members
Out-of-box next-gen rule-based and point-based rewards system, singular or joint with other vendors
Franchise-friendly multi-party funds settlement and distribution
Multi-channel terminal and non-terminal EFTPOS payments
Integration, SDKs and Anonymous Customer Identification
Identify customers to POS and loyalty systems via payments in a privacy-preserving anonymous fashion
Easy to use SDKs for multiple stacks


Xiippy is the first and only company in the world that delivers smart receipts with end-to-end encryption, matching the privacy of paper receipts, resolving all adoption barriers (i.e. retailer avoidance to share sales data and consumer privacy).

No Sales Data Shared

As a retailer, you will not be sharing your itemized sales data with any party, not even with Xiippy.

No Purchase History Shared

As a consumer, your private purchase history remains only available to you, not even to Xiippy.

Benefits to Data Owners Only

We use privacy-preserving edge computing and federated machine learning to make all the befits of your data available to you without actually having access to the data! A world’s first and only, backed by multiple patents.

How Xiippy works...

Xiippy works in three simple steps...

Shop from a Xiippy-enabled retail outlet, in-store or online

Pay with one of Xiippy's multi-channel payment methods using your cards or phone. We support all cards from all issuers and methods with or without card readers (e.g. QR code + ApplePay/GooglePay)

Depending on your preferred payment option, receive end-to-end encrypted tax invoices, receipts and your reward points either in real-time or after payment

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