Why Choose Xiippy?

We are unique in a number of ways...

Ultra-Private & Secure

Defense-grade security, light years above and beyond bank-grade security via end-to-end encryption and zero knowledge, a world’s first and only, backed with multiple patents.

Make In-Store Payments Cooler

Extend the capability of your card or mobile payment to include your end-to-end encrypted privacy-preserving smart receipts and rewards without doing more!

Check Out Smarter, Not Harder

Why pay, scan rewards cards and receive paper or emailed receipts? In one step, get all done PLUS get personalized offers directly from your favorite shops without disclosing your purchase history or your personal details.


Xiippy is the first and only company in the world that delivers smart receipts with end-to-end encryption, matching the privacy of paper receipts, resolving all adoption barriers (i.e. retailer avoidance to share sales data and consumer privacy).

No Sales Data Shared

As a retailer, you will not be sharing your itemized sales data with any party, not even with Xiippy.

No Purchase History Shared

As a consumer, your private purchase history remains only available to you, not even to Xiippy.

Benefits to Data Owners Only

We use privacy-preserving edge computing and federated machine learning to make all the befits of your data available to you without actually having access to the data! A world’s first and only, backed by multiple patents.

How Xiippy works...

Xiippy works in three simple steps...

Shop from a Xiippy-enabled retail outlet, in-store or online

Pay with one of Xiippy's multi-channel payment methods using your cards or phone. We support all cards from all issuers and methods with or without card readers (e.g. QR code + ApplePay/GooglePay)

Depending on your preferred payment option, receive end-to-end encrypted tax invoices, receipts and your reward points either in real-time or after payment

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