Make checkout your greatest tool to grow your business!

WITHOUT SHARING YOUR SALES DATA OR YOUR CUSTOMERS' DATA, get access to customer analytics, customer engagement, privacy preserving customer identification, and digital marketing as part of the payment, all in one easy dashboard.

We support all cards from all issuers!

Retailer growth

Adopt Xiippy in 3 simple steps

Adopting Xiippy is extremely simple

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Get a Business Owner's account in minutes. It is simple and straightforward.

Set Up Xiippy POS Tools

Xiippy terminals should be detectable by your POS naturally. As part of setup, Xiippy provides tools that help with the extraction and inclusion of itemized sales data within transactions seamlessly, eliminating POS integration hassles.

Start Growing

Use the Business Owner' portal to make your campaigns available to your paying customers seamlessly without having to use email or text helping improve key metrics like CLV, ATV and customer count.


Unlike banks and other competitors, Xiippy's benefits are unique and unmatched because they are the result of our patented innovation that no competing platform is offering.
  1. No sales or customer data is shared with Xiippy or any other parties Unique Unmatched Offering Patented Approach
  2. Pre-payment delivery of end-to-end encrypted privacy-preserving invoices Unique Unmatched Offering
  3. Identify customers in a privacy-preserving fashion as they payUnique Offering
  4. Easily engage all your customers post purchase without you collecting personal details from them (a necessity in a world of data breaches and big fines for non-compliance) Unique Offering
  5. No need for customers to download apps upfront or change behavior. They can make payments with their cards or phones and receive their digital receipts and rewards as part of the payment
  6. Provide more ways to pay not just via the card reader terminal
  7. Save costs and improve customer experience
  8. Improve the adoption and operation of your existing loyalty and rewards systems
  9. Improve Average Transaction Value, Customer Retention, Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Count via our digital engagement and marketing tools