Make franchisee payments your greatest tool to manage and grow your franchise!

WITHOUT SHARING YOUR SALES DATA OR YOUR CUSTOMERS' DATA AND WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THRU POS INTEGRATION HASSLES, get instant franchisor fees payout, access & manage chain-level customer analytics, receipt data, marketing & rewards .

Xiippy offers franchise-specific merchant services matched by no bank!

APIs and SDKs

Why Choose Xiippy?

For franchises, we are unique in a number of ways...

Instant Franchisor Fees Payout

We offer instant multi-party settlement of direct sales, eliminating needs of running complex back-of-house settlement for franchisor fees.

Chain-Level Customer Analytics and Engagement

We offer a franchisor-specific dashboard that gives you a holistic chain-level view to all your customers from all your franchisees, enabling your analytics, marketing and rewards reach the next level.

Zero-Knowledge, Zero-Trust, Zero-POS-Change

Xiippy's unique end-to-end encrypted thru-payments data delivery means even Xiippy (like the rest of the universe) remains unaware of your sales data. Adopting Xiippy does not involve making deep changes to your POS system.


Unlike banks and other competitors, Xiippy's benefits are unique and unmatched in the context of franchise-specific payment requirements.
  1. Instant multi-party franchisor fees payout with dynamic ratios right from franchisee sales, simplifying complex fees settlement and schedules Unique Unmatched Offering
  2. Global chain-level customer analytics without hassles of data collection Unique Unmatched Offering
  3. Global chain-level customer engagement without hassles of data collection Unique Unmatched Offering
  4. No sales or customer data is shared with Xiippy or any other parties Unique Unmatched Offering Patented Approach
  5. Pre-payment delivery of end-to-end encrypted privacy-preserving invoices for all your franchisees Unique Unmatched Offering
  6. Identify customers in a privacy-preserving fashion at the entire franchise networkUnique Offering
  7. No need for customers to download apps upfront or change behavior. They can make payments with their cards or phones and receive their digital receipts and rewards as part of the payment
  8. Provide more ways to pay not just via the card reader terminal
  9. Strengthen chain-level marketing and analytics
  10. Improve the adoption and operation of your existing loyalty and rewards systems
  11. Improve Average Transaction Value, Customer Retention, Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Count for your franchisees via our digital engagement and marketing tools