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Xiippy enriches the online buying experience for users with security, privacy and ease, eliminating needs for data entry in one easy step!

APIs and SDKs

Adopt Xiippy in 3 simple steps

Integrating Xiippy with your E-Commerce Platform is extremely simple

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Get a developers's account in minutes and get your unique API keys. It is simple and straightforward.

Download and Use Our SDKs

We have SDKs for multiple languages and platforms like C#, JavaScript and Node. Access easy-to-use samples and most importantly, FREE developer support to expedite the integration effort.

Enrich Product Offering

Make your e-commerce platform stand out by providing features that are unique and aligned with the future of data-enriched payments and 1-step no-data-entry checkout.


Unlike banks and other competitors, Xiippy's benefits are unique and unmatched because they are the result of our patented innovation that no competing platform is offering.
  1. Minimize cart abandonment
  2. Achieve consistent customer identification in-store and online
  3. Include privacy-preserving end-to-end encrypted itemized invoices and e-receipts with all transactions Unique Unmatched Offering Patented Approach
  4. Facilitate 1-scan no-data-entry no-app checkout Unique Offering
  5. Allow your clients to access analytics and engage customers post purchase without collecting contact information Unique Offering
  6. Facilitate joint loyalty programs for online sales seamlessly Unique Offering
  7. Improve key metrics like Customer Retention and Customer Lifetime Value