Stripe Terminal SDK Bindings for Android by

Fri, 05 Nov 2021 12:41:29 GMT

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Go back to Xiippy Blog and News Articles is proud to announce the release of Stripe Terminal SDK Bindings for Android which enable the use of Stripe’s Terminal SDK in Xamarin-based projects in Android.

Xiippy’s partnership with Stripe goes a long way.

Whilst we would have loved to see Stripe owning the development and support a Xamarin SDK, it is a policy of to keep these libraries supported as we have built some of our products upon these foundations.

And this has been a challenging work given the typical issues of porting code from Java to C# and creating binding libraries and their dependency trees.

As a result, the community and most importantly, Stripe clients can benefit out of our work in making Stripe SDKs available for a platform that is not supported out of box by Stripe.

Here is a list of packages created and published:

We will be releasing the source code of these packages on our official github repository at

Enjoy and have fun building great products!

The team