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Xiippy enriches your POS system to provide a better experience to its users while protecting their privacy, an offering unmatched by others

APIs and SDKs

Adopt Xiippy in 3 simple steps

Integrating Xiippy with your POS system is extremely simple

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Get a developers's account in minutes and get your unique API keys. It is simple and straightforward.

Download and Use Our SDKs

We have SDKs for multiple languages and platforms like C#, JavaScript and Node. Access easy-to-use samples and most importantly, FREE developer support to expedite the integration effort.

Enrich Product Offering

Make your POS system stand out by providing features that are unique and aligned with the future of data-enriched payments.


Unlike banks and other competitors, Xiippy's benefits are unique and unmatched because they are the result of our patented innovation that no competing platform is offering.
  1. Enrich payments with data without the compromise of privacy at any end Unique Unmatched Offering Patented Approach
  2. Enrich product with low-cost and environmentally-friendly invoice/receipt delivery options without disclosure of sales data or customer data Unique Unmatched Offering Patented Approach
  3. Identify walk-in customers in a privacy-preserving fashion Unique Offering
  4. Enrich existing loyalty management features with the possibility of eliminating user registration and card scans
  5. Enhance product offering with modern checkout options, above and beyond normal options provided by banks
  6. Help your customers protect the privacy of their customers while enhancing their experience with faster checkouts
  7. Help your customers protect their sales data despite adopting enriched checkouts