Upgrade your in-taxi ride and payment operations

Via our enterprise taxi company specific solution, save costs, earn more commissions, pay drivers and operators fast automatically, improve payment operations, improve accuracy and reporting, process taxi subsidy scheme claims, accept corporate vouchers and more...

And enjoy all other Xiippy data-rich benefits like privacy-preserving smart receipts, all-passengers-inclusive rewards, post-ride engagement, advanced analytics, privacy-preserving returning passenger identification and more

Xiippy in-taxi all-in-one solution

Adopt Xiippy in 3 simple steps

Adopting the Xiippy in-taxi solution is extremely simple

Sign Up

Get a Business Owner's account in minutes. It is simple and straightforward.

Let Us Sort Out Roll-Out

We will manage the roll-out of our cross-platform tablet-based solution, its external GPS/ODB unit plus an its controller board to control the roof sign and signal in-taxi dispatch.

Invite Operators and Drivers

Use the Business Owner' portal to on-board taxi operators and drivers, empower them to authenticate in-taxi and take your in-taxi payments to the next level.


Unlike driver-specific terminals and other competitors' solution', Xiippy's benefits are unique and unmatched.
  1. Save costs
  2. Earn more commissions
  3. Pay drivers and operators fast automatically via multi-party payments, supporting configurable payout schemes Unique Unmatched Offering
  4. Improve payment operations
  5. Improve accuracy and reporting, eliminate manual fare manipulation, minimize disputes and improve ride experience for passengers via 'What You See On Meter Is What You Pay' Unique Unmatched Offering
  6. Process taxi subsidy scheme claims Enterprise-Grade Offering
  7. Generate, manage and accept corporate vouchers and credit
  8. No sales or customer data is shared with Xiippy or any other parties Unique Unmatched Offering Patented Approach
  9. Pre-payment delivery of end-to-end encrypted privacy-preserving invoices Unique Unmatched Offering
  10. Identify passengers in a privacy-preserving fashion as they take a ride Unique Offering
  11. Easily engage all your passengers post purchase without you collecting personal details from them Unique Offering
  12. Provide more ways to pay (e.g. Buy Now Pay Later) and non-terminal payments (e.g. QR payments using ApplePay and GooglePay) Unique Offering